Wake Up Deborah!

Wake Up Deborah!!

This is a place where moms and dads(biological, spiritual or adopted) can hang out and be encouraged as well as encourage others.

Mothers on their knees, children standing.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time and are interested in the ministry. Take a look on the Jan 7th post as it provides info on how meetings are done. Further, check the info on coordinators by scrolling down the right hand column. May the Lord guide and bless you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

UN declared 2010 as the International Youth Year

UN has declared from August 12, 2010 to August 12, 2011 to be International Youth Year! This is a great time to focus our prayers on our youth.

An idea: If you can, set up a special prayer meeting dedicating one hour of prayer for your kids, grandkids, nephews, friend's kids, etc.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Ideas for the Ministry

“Not-so-secret” Friend
Not every young person of our churches has Christian parents who cover their lives with prayer. We need to “adopt” them as “spiritual children.” All of the young people’s names go in a bag (independent of age) and each intercessor “parent” take one or more names (depending on the ratio). During a specified period of time (we suggest a few months), that child will be prayed for by that “parent”. We suggest the “parent” write cards, invite them for a snack, look for them after the service and see if he/she has any prayer requests, call them on the phone, send an e-mail, text, etc. The purpose is to straighten the relationship with the young people. They will feel cared for and loved. From time to time the spiritual parents change and new names are drawn.
School for Parents
As we had our prayer meetings, we noticed that the parents need and want to learn more about parenting. But, the prayer time is not the appropriate time for that. So, we felt the need to have the church leadership help us prepare a “School for Parents” where parenting issues are addressed.
For example, “My son is on drugs, how can I help him?” or “How to keep drugs from our household?” or “Discipline, when and how?” or even “How to diminish the distance between my child and me?”
Prayer Booth
At a specific place of the city such as town square, for example, a booth can be set up (with the appropriate permits) and be transformed into a “Prayer Booth” for anyone who needs prayer. You can take the opportunity to distribute invitations for the monthly meetings.
Drama, dance, choir singing can attract attention to the booth. Parents can take turns  “manning” the booth so it’s not to much for any one person. Free (donated) water can be offered as an attraction.
Sometimes it’s easier to accept an invitation to a tea rather than to a church service. Thus, the Deborah’s created the “Wake Up Deborah Tea”. Invitations can be sold that cover that cost of the food. Some people like to donate pies, cakes, etc, even better! The designated place is tastefully decorated but without spending a lot of money. Some prizes (goody bags) may be awarded at the end (to encourage everyone to stay till the end). Someone can share a testimony that can minister to the non-Christian present (max of 20 min). It’s a simple strategy but one that yields results in the awakening of parents to pray for their children.

Prison Ministry

Another ministry is on in which Deborahs can write letters to people in prisons. These letters carry messages of God’s love, of comfort, and care. The assignment is to pray, write and pray. God will do the work for His Word does not return empty.
This idea began, when in a small Deborah group, a lady asked prayer for her nephew who was serving a seven year sentence. At that moment, an idea was born about challenging the women there to write this 21 year old man. Everyone accepted the challenge and wrote before the next meeting. So I began thinking of the hundreds like this young man who has nothing positive to fill their thoughts and of the hundreds of women who pray and want to be used of God in some way. This is a creative way to serve Him.
If we think as “parents,” it makes all the sense. Which parent would not feel comforted knowing that God’s family cares about his/her pain of having a child in such an environment?
As you can see, we begin with a personal commitment to pray, then we pray as a group and that also leads to helping our “neighbors. We begin praying for us and slowly the Holy Spirit teaches us to focus on others.

We know that with your creativity, new suggestions will come forth that will turn into blessings for praying and intercessory parents. As you discover new strategies, please share them with us so we can grow in our commitment as faithful intercessors.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praying for your Family - Part 1

Praying Big for Your Marriage 1/4/2010 (Day 1 of 2)
When was the last time you asked God for something BIG? Pastor Will Davis and his wife Susie talk about praying big, hairy audacious prayers as a couple for your marriage. The Davises encourage believers not to shy away from asking God for big things, having faith that He'll answer one way or another.
Guests Include: Will and Susie Davis

Praying for your Family - Part 2

Praying Big for Your Kids 1/5/2010 (Day 2 of 2) Are you praying on behalf of your son or daughter? Pastor Will Davis, along with his wife Susie, talk about being honest with God and asking Him to intervene on behalf of their children. Hear how they've entrusted their children to God, and how they've prayed with them and for them over the years.
Guests Include: Will and Susie Davis

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meeting Suggestions

On how the meetings go... also lots of flexibility. When I had a mixed group of women (believers and seekers), I basically did a (1) short devotional geared toward encouragement in difficult times or about family issues or prayer issues. Always trying to encourage and make them want some more... In our small group, (2) we'd just go around and ask about their children and their needs. We'd write them down (we made prayer journals together which was a great activity -- they'd never done anything like that before. I bought small notebooks, stickers, scrap booking things, and I had those small Bible verses cards and they chose and glued them on their prayer journals (since some didn't have a Bible). (3) Then we'd spend time praying. We kept the meeting to one hour but they always stayed longer. I'd often offer tea and have it available as they arrived.

Now, I also once had a larger group of women, about 20 or so. We met once/month at a church. We then did 2 songs preparing our hearts for prayer, a short devotional, and divided into small groups of 3-4 women and then shared the prayer requests and gave answers to prayers too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Long Do Prayers Last?

How long do prayers last? What gift of prayer can we give this Christmas that will live beyond our lifetime? We want to give you that gift. A distant family member, after a praying parent went to heaven, came to Christ. It seemed a great miracle because this person appeared impossible to reach.
We are reminded of the words the angel spoke to Mary in Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God."
(Valetta Crumley)
Let's use this time we have to pray for our children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren (born and unborn, even those yet to be conceived).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New Reality: Brought into existence by our faith.

Cymbala says that “Faith never denies reality, but leaves room for God to grant a new reality.”